Senior Year

How To De-Stress During Finals Week

~It's the most stressful time out the yeaaaaar~ Hey sharks, Happy finals week (not) It is finally upon us, one of the most dreadful weeks (or even two weeks) of the academic year. Finals week. For me, starting today, is my college's finals week, and if you're anything like me, you're probably a nervous, and… Continue reading How To De-Stress During Finals Week


End of Blogtober + New November!

Hey sharks! So granted I'm 10 days late (time just slips away from me, like it's crazy), Blogtober has officially come to an end. I ended up doing maybe ten or eleven posts, but it's far better than what I did last year for blogmas. I literally did one post.  Crazy, right? #growth! Honestly though… Continue reading End of Blogtober + New November!