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Blogtober Day 19 – #WhyIWrite

So much for keeping up completely with Blogtober. Sorry my dear Sharks. Shortly after posting my last post, the reason why it took me two years to write it, came true. I may or may have not stirred the pot. If I did truly stir the pot with a certain someone, Keep this in mind. … Continue reading Blogtober Day 19 – #WhyIWrite


[Blogtober Day 9] A letter to Myself 2 Years Ago.

Hey sharks. Today's post is pretty personal, but I figure I'd share it with y 'all. Today's date, 2 years ago, was the start of probably one of my darkest moments in my young life.  Little did I know that within the next month, I would fall into a deep pit of sadness, that would… Continue reading [Blogtober Day 9] A letter to Myself 2 Years Ago.