International Women In Science Day 2019

Hi Sharks! So I'm going to be honest for a hot second. I had no idea that this day existed until this morning via twitter, which sparked inspiration for this post. Today, Feb. 11th, is International Women & Girls In Science Day. How awesome for such a day to exist. 🙂 Hearing about today actually… Continue reading International Women In Science Day 2019


I Am Back (for good)

Once again I have wondered off, and found my way back. It sure feels great to be back. Hi Sharks. I've missed ya. I've been off for a while (About a month) but upon coming back, I bring good news! I'm finally 18. I can finally take opportunities legally, and I have a paypal. I… Continue reading I Am Back (for good)

Senior Year

How To De-Stress During Finals Week

~It's the most stressful time out the yeaaaaar~ Hey sharks, Happy finals week (not) It is finally upon us, one of the most dreadful weeks (or even two weeks) of the academic year. Finals week. For me, starting today, is my college's finals week, and if you're anything like me, you're probably a nervous, and… Continue reading How To De-Stress During Finals Week